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21st century classrooms

From Physical to Digital

Digital literacy is a trend that involves the consumption, comprehension, and curation of digital media. This is directly tied to research literacy, as both digital and digitized data sources serve as the primary research resources.

From Standards to Habits

The shift from purely academic standards to critical thinking habits supports personalized, 21st century learning through a preceding shift from institution to learner.

From Compliance to Play

Self-directed learning is almost certainly the core of future learning. To not allow learners to “play” with information, platforms, and ideas is to ignore the access, tools, and patterns of 21st century life.

From Schools to Communities

While it is tempting for learners to connect with exotic ideas in exotic locations, authentic learning experiences allow learners to self-direct personal change in pursuit of social change; that starts small, at home; surrounding intimate communities.

From Reaction to Interaction

Game-Based Learning aggregates the power of learning simulations, social gaming, emotional immersion, and digital literacy to produce a net effect of self-actuation, transparency and participation on the learner.

From Isolation to Connectivism

Through social media, mobile learning, blended learning, other inherently connected learning experiences, it is possible to leverage the potential of interdependence. This occurs simply through crowdsourced knowledge, visually through curation, and long-term through digital communities.

From Privacy to Transparency

A natural consequence of digital and social media, transparency is the opposite of closed, traditional schooling, where the walls of the classroom are thick and the local educators and their policies govern, judge, and process everything.

The 21st century classroom