The event calendar of Questfield is a complex one, designed to encompass both class events correlated at curricular level as well as whole school/community events that can constitute fantastic projects of community integration and coherence, to which parents can volunteer to participate and contribute.


The formal aspect of Questfield learning experiences is completed by the non-formal component of afternoon clubs as well as by the informal element, essential, we believe, of school events, visits and outings getting in contact with the real world.


There is no greater joy for students than to learn by doing, by experimenting, participating to getting honey off the comb, making a dress in a tailor’s workshop, producing strawberry jam in a country farm or observing nature’s cycles in a deciduous forest.


Life skills offer students the possibility to know themselves and test their limits, to cultivate their personal development potential and face successfully the challenges met. They are defined as a set of skills, attitudes, concepts, qualities, behaviours and values that ensure a student’s creative adaptation to daily life and the opportunity to get in direct contact with reality furthermore trains and develops these skills.


The method of learning through discovery puts students in the situation of trying different observation or problem-solving methods to find out the desired answer through techniques like: see it, research it, try to understand it. The learning autonomy that the student benefits from when being part of these real experiences bring him/her closer to conquering knowledge rather than simply acquiring it, making the learning experience all the more motivating.


Class events, correlated at curricular level:

Friendship Week = Săptămâna Prieteniei

Health and Safety Week = Săptămâna Sănătăţii şi a Siguranţei

Book Week = Săptămâna Cărţii

Fun Week with Hat and Glasses Day and Pajama Day = Săptămâna Distracţiei la şcoală cu Ziua Pălăriilor şi a ochelarilor şi Ziua pijamalei

Career Weeks = Săptămânile Carierei

Earth Weeks = Săptămânile Pământului

Whole school/community events:

Halloween Bazaar = Bazarul de Halloween

Multicultural Celebration Day = Ziua Multiculturalităţii