Questfield Nursery and Summer School organizes its educational activities in two different buildings which have been especially designed in order to answer to age appropriate needs.

Ages 2-4 share a 400 sqm. building. Its surface stretches on the ground floor only, including 4 multifunctional classrooms, corresponding children’s bathrooms and toilets, indoor patio, PE/dance hall.

Ages 4-7 share an 800 sqm. indoor space which stretches on 3 floors, including a medical office, administrative office, children’s bathrooms, educational office, 8 classrooms and their respective terraces, 2 multifunctional classrooms, a library and piano/music room, lunch hall, all allowing for easy access to the outdoor space, sports court, pool and playgrounds. 

SPORTS RELATED FACILITIES: 600 sqm of sports field, covered in artificial grass, where various sports activities may take place -tennis, basketball, mini-football. Besides these, during the warm season, dynamic activities take place in the generous outdoor areas – comprising 4 playgrounds, swimming pool and sports field (football, tennis).

SHARED SPACE:  medical office, administrative and educational offices – all on the ground floor of the main building, all to which the outdoor parking space is added (600 sqm).

RESOURCES – Classrooms: age appropriate furniture, suitable for different educational activities organised as areas of experience which fit age appropriate learning objectives (enhancing the functional features of each space).

THE ORGANISATION OF THE CAMPUS takes into consideration the explicit relationship between the physical characteristics of a space and the educational process that transforms it into an educational context, ensuring the possibility of experimentation vital to learning, with the role of a “silent curricular area”. The spaces are structured in such a way so as to allow for reflection, creativity, experience, interaction and constant communication, bringing the real world into the classroom and exposing the classroom to the real world.

The Questfield approach consists of more than the educational offer, insisting also on the concern it places on the children’s personal development and ensuring a modern, large space with a lot of green outdoor and many opportunities that offer the children the safety, comfort, as well as the possibility of a variety of activities.

The multi-functionality of its design makes this space suited for a multitude of learning experiences, exposing the children to exploration and discovery, the key ingredients to learning.

As a consequence, the Questfield teachers constantly reinvent the potential of different school spaces turning them into relevant “areas of experience” matching the educational objectives of a certain age range (leveraging with the strictly funtional potential of every space).

Beyond the curricular activities, we would like to offer the children the possibility to experiment and participate to a wide range of non-formal activities (clubs), based on three main principles: arts, sports and discovery, etc. To serve this purpose, many of our spaces are dedicated to such extra-curricular activities, such as: dance, piano, basketball, football, tennis etc.

Therefore, through the notion of “space” (whether we are talking about classrooms, courtyard, kitchen, art room, gym, medical office, and why not, the restrooms), Questfield understands interactive, dynamic, structured frameworks in which classes, routines and transitions flow in accordance with children’s needs.