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Frequently asked questions – school

Questfield (school and nursery school) operates under absolute legality, Questfield students having the possibility to transfer or continue their studies in any other educational institution (be it nursery or school, public or private) that operates legally according to the provisions of the Romanian educational system.

Questfield is a bilingual school, with a uniquely designed curriculum, built throughout tens of years of experience on the Romanian education market. Ever since 2003, this institution used a curriculum the Ministry of National Education will adopt later in 2008.


Questfield School defines itself as one of the bilingual schools in Bucharest, Romania, correlating the Romanian curriculum with an international one. Among the three bilingual schools existent at this moment, it is the only school with a unique curricular design and a maximum of English classes and structure out of the three mentioned above..

Yes. However, a certain level of English can also be built in time, therefore, after the initial assessment, the school can and will initiate a program of Language Support to develop the student’s linguistic skills, where needed.

  • Filled-out Registration Form;
  • Copy of the child/children’s birth certificate;
  • Copy of both parents’ identity cards (passports in case of foreign citizens)
  • Filled-out medical file and epidemiologic note from family paediatrician
  • A copy of the vaccination record.



SHORT PROGRAM 8:30-15:00
Basic curricular activities (Romanian and international curriculum) with specialised teachers;

Basic curricular activities (Romanian and international curriculum) with specialised teachers;
Homework program (English or Romanian)
Afternoon snack

LONG PROGRAM 8:30-18:00
Basic curricular activities (Romanian and international curriculum) with specialised teachers;
Homework program (English or Romanian)
Afternoon snack
2 daily standard or specialized clubs (sport, art, discovery) between 16:00-18:00

Yes, the study hall or homework program is included in the school’s program after 15:00, the program until 15:00 covering only curricular activities. At the beginning, there will be only homework and projects during weekends, but as the student progresses, there will be a need for increased practice and more extensive research.

The parent can contact the school via telephone or email being able to be in direct contact with the class teachers, office manager or any of the representatives of the different departments. Please find below some of the possibilities through which parents can exchange information with the school:

  • Direct communication with the teacher on the phone or by email after the end of the curricular activities (after 2 pm).
  • Weekly note to parents introducing the weekly book and activities.
  • Detailed bi-annual assessments (February, June) on all areas of development.
  • Newsletters announcing the latest news and events in school.
  • Parent questionnaires.
  • Facebook account
  • Media Server/virtual board where you will find all the Note to parents and pictures of various activities; username and password to be transmitted via class teachers.
  • Regular communication by email or sms informing you of the various current activities.

Thus, the standard evaluation through qualifications is completed by instruments of alternative evaluation of attitudes and skills, characteristic of international education systems. The multi-criterial assessment aims at identifying the developmental stage of a cumulus of concepts, attitudes and skills for each of the children.

The method we use to discipline children is called ‘a time out’. The student has to discuss ‘the incident’ face-to-face either with the teacher or the Head Teacher.  We do not reserve a specific place, or person, to deal with disciplinary issues.  This is to ensure that the children do not associate a particular place or person with the idea of ‘punishment’.

In the registration form, besides other contact numbers, an emergency telephone number will be required. If a child gets sick, we will first consult the nursery school’s doctor or nurse and after that, if necessary, the parent will be contacted on the emergency number, to come and take the child from the school. Depending on the nature of the sickness, the student must be kept at home throughout the convalescence period. This responsibility is vital for the smooth running of the school.

Food restrictions, or any allergies, will be written down in the medical file completed by the paediatrician and forwarded to the entire nursery staff (teaching and non-teaching staff). This way, the food offered by the catering company can be replaced. The weekly menu is known from beforehand; therefore the parent can also study it and announce the necessary change.

Transportation is a service both offered by Questfield by its Traffic Renault buses, as well as an externalised service to a specialised transportation company, when the case may be. The costs are established function of distance, number of courses (one way / two ways), group / individual, home / fix location.