Head of school message - Questfield

Head of school message

Dear parents,

Questfield is an educational institution that follows the principles of the British curriculum and  that has been designing since 2003 its own educational concept. It is an organic school that constantly learns and develops, guiding teachers and children one step closer to their potential, to their happiness and freedom of reaching their best.

Learning in the classic sense (academic learning) is only the starting point; at Questfield, your child will benefit of a multitude of experiences that will help him or her discover all its self: as a student, artist, athlete, community member and, above all, unique and extraordinary individual in his/her unicity.

At Questfield, we think that education is the quickest and most necessary way towards self-knowledge, leadership and autonomy. It is one of the most responsible and creative human acts, its stake being identity itself.

For students, Questfield represents a learning design that allows them to become their best version of themselves.

For teachers, Questfield is a learning structure in which they can create ever newer learning architectures.

Every one of us needs a learning journey to become our own hero. This is the expressed purpose of Questfield, to mentor and guide students and staff into becoming independent learners and researchers.

Our educational concept is a unique one in Romania, being based on books, with reading as an essential part of our curriculum. Questfield students grow with stories so that their personal story will impact on humanity, on the collective story, one day.

People are hungry for stories. It’s part of who we are; it is a form of history and immortality, as well. Therefore, our teachers strive to find out and value their learners’ individual stories, sharing experiences, identities and biographies on the way.

When students are “taught through relationships,” they pass that mystical threshold of formal knowledge, beginning to see themselves as co-learners alongside their teachers and the greatest minds of literature or history.

Thus, Questfield teachers become the active agents who do their best to know their students’ learning styles, knowledge, abilities and potential. And, more importantly, they strive to know their students’ interests, personality, and background. For them, this body of knowledge opens up the possibilities of growth and dramatic learning opportunities.

We invite you to our school to see a new educational paradigm in action! We invite you to Questfield to observe the dynamics of a 21st century school and meet our students, teachers and staff!