In 2015, Little London Pipera became Questfield. This change of name did not only compel us to re-invent ourselves, which is one of our most treasured values, but also anticipated a certain amount of growth that the old brand name could not have supported. And since learning means continuous transformation, our organic nature of a learning organisation drove us to a whole set of new clothes – larger in content and signification, more connected to our organisational context, finally more ready to support future projects.

Out of the expressed need for differentiation, clarity and growth, Little London Pipera Nursery and Summer School became Questfield, a name whose stated scope is to re-define its well-earned place in top 10 international schools and nursery schools in Bucharest.

Little London brand history begins in 2003 with the “Wonderland Nursery School” project designed by two entrepreneurs – Fabiola Hosu, a teacher with expertise in the educational background of international schools and Luminiţa Macsim, a Mathematics teacher specialised in the real estate business.

In 2007, following the association with Diana Segărceanu, a third partner with corporate expertise in the Marketing area, a new branch containing a nursery school and a school, was opened in the Pipera area (Tudor Arghezi Street – now Questfield headquarters). This was the first Little London school (that functioned until 2010 in the same location as the nursery school, Tudor Arghezi Street, Pipera), school donated for further development to Diana Segărceanu, in 2011, now functioning under the name of Avenor.

The school operating now under the name of Little London School was conceived in 2012 as the second Little London school following the same educational concept, however with a different design from the first one, that subsequently separated in 2013 under different management, following a different business vision and educational philosophy.

The Little London name proved to be an extremely powerful brand, launching and sustaining all educational enterprises that will consequently bear its name, projects now developed under separate management and, therefore, under different business visions and distinct educational philosophies. Currently, starting from point zero of the Little London educational project, the following educational institutions developed:

  • Questfield Nursery and Summer School (former Little London Pipera Nursery School), owned and managed by Fabiola Hosu Association
  • Little London primary and secondary school, owned and managed by Fundația Țara Minunilor
  • Avenor nursery school, primary, secondary and highschool, owned and managed by Fundația Școala Little London

Over the years, we continuously developed and improved the initial educational project, maintaining the same high quality standard of the educational expertise and fostering a learning atmosphere that encouraged more and more teachers and educational organisations to regard us a point of reference.