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Meals, transport, medical assistance


Questfield aims to provide a healthy and balanced diet through a full food programme of quality meals and snacks for children 14 months and older.

Catering menu consisting of only natural ingredients, containing no white sugar, white flour, food colouring or additives etc. Organic whole-wheat bread, fresh fruits and vegetables mainly organic. Vegetarian / vegan / allergy and food intolerance menus available upon request.

Our catering company is BonAp

Meals are served in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere. During meals and snack times we discuss the importance of healthy eating and encourage the children to independently help themselves.

If your child has particular dietary needs relating to a medical condition e.g. diabetes, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance or specific allergies, the school reserves the right to request that families bring their child’s food that has been prepared according to individual needs. In order to ensure the safety of children with such conditions, please inform the Office Manager about their existence at the time of admission.


Questfield offers the option of transportation with the school bus. School begins as soon as your child steps onto the bus in the morning and ends when he/she gets off the bus at the end of the day. Bus transportation is door-to-door in Pipera area and surroundings and from fixed points in Bucharest – Piața Presei Libere and Pipera Subway.

The bus has seatbelts and is driven by professional English speaking drivers. All Questfield drivers are responsible individuals who like being around children.

Due to limited capacity on the bus, transportation is a long term commitment and is offered on a “first come, first served” basis.


Questfield employs a paediatrician that is responsible for visiting the school every week and a permanent paediatric nurse. Our medical team is responsible for the overall well-being of the students and maintaining the school medical records. The medical record contains every visit to the Medical Office of the child with: date, symptoms and action taken. (Kept on school base)

At the start of each academic year each student is required to bring a medical certificate confirming that the student is healthy and fit to enter the school’s community.

In order to maintain up-to-date medical information of our students, you will be required to complete a Medical Form as accurately as possible at the beginning of each year and provide a copy of the vaccination record.

Our medical procedure includes daily examinations performed by the school staff  – medical staff, teachers–  regarding triage at the first sign of any symptom of any possible viral affection.

The parents that are notified of the existence of a symptom of any possible viral infection will be asked to take their child from school as soon as possible.

If the child requires urgent medical attention while under the school’s care we will, if practical and possible, obtain your prior consent. However, should we be unable to contact you, we shall be authorized to make the decision on your behalf.

Questfield reserves the right, in accordance with procedures, to circumscribe or disallow the use or administration of any medication on school premises.