Nursery Registration

Pre-nursery and nursery school registrations

Children aged between 14 months and 6 years old

Questfield is an educational institution authorized by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research of Romania with its own uniquely designed educational concept and a curriculum based on the British model. Questfield has developed since 2003 a pre-nursery, a nursery school, a primary school and a summer school programme. Questfield’s short-term plans include the development of the primary school up to high school level.

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We provide 4000 sq m of green space, in a quiet and clean area, where children can enjoy more time in nature, surrounded by fresh air and 4 specially equipped playgrounds. During the warm season we operate the outdoor swimming pool and the tennis court (football, tennis), and the gym is open throughout the year.

The spaces are generous, flexible and modular, where students can initiate themselves the activities, can experiment and creatively put into practice the new concepts. The classrooms are structured in such a way so as to allow reflection, creativity, constant interaction and communication, bringing elements of the real world in the activities and the classroom.

We accept children as young as 14 months.

Every child deserves a positive start to their education and should leave the classroom wanting to come back, so we apply an induction procedure so that they can familiarize themselves with the new space, room, the activities and teachers.

The teacher-child ratio varies function of the child’s age.

Questfield is the first school in Romania with its own educational concept. Questfield educational concept is based on books inasmuch as we believe that stories touch and enrich our lives in countless ways every day.

We expose children to a variety of specialized teachers with diverse teaching styles and international experience.

Our extensive programme of clubs offers children the possibility to identify, strengthen and refine their talent and passion. Also, the extra-curricular activities are coordinated by specialists (artist, ballet teacher, tennis teacher, piano teacher, football teacher, native English teacher).

Questfield creates an appropriate context for an international education through which children acquire the ability to work and relate with different cultures, mentalities, traditions and values.

The English language is studied with a maximum of classes possible in the curricular programme. Optionally, the children can also attend the French club.

Communication with parents is done through various channels, like: direct communication with the teacher, weekly note to parents, detailed bi-annual assessments, newsletters, parent questionnaires, Facebook account, Media Server/virtual board, regular communication by email or sms.

  • A campus of 3200 sq m of built space and 4000 sq m of green space;
  • Lunch Area (menus designed in collaboration with a nutritionist and our pediatrician);
  • School and classroom libraries;
  • 4 playgrounds;
  • Sports facilities that include a tennis court of 600 sq m;
  • A heated swimming pool and a gymnasium;
  • Teaching materials, educational technologies and equipment that are renewed periodically.


Adress: Strada Titu Maiorescu nr. 26, Voluntari – Pipera, jud. Ilfov,077190

Phone: +4 0733 689472 or +4 021 267 41 34



School fees vary depending on the programme, clubs and options. For more details, please contact us! *

Contact us for more details!

We will come back shortly with more details regarding the educational offer and discounts.