Care este varsta potrivita pentru inceperea gradinitei?




What is the right age to start nursery school? Will it not be tiring for the child? Isn’t it more important for children to spend as much time as possible with their parents until a certain age?”, “Will he/she cry when they get to the nursery school?”.

These are all questions that go through the mind of parents with young children, making it sometimes difficult for them to clearly identify what is right or wrong. The solution varies from case to case, but let us say that, in general, parents sometimes underestimate the potential and energy of children. They think “my poor baby, he’s too small”, “she needs me all the time”, “I don’t want him to get hurt”, etc.

We need to point out that: young children have huge potential, enormous energy and infinite learning abilities … but they get bored instantly!

Consequently, when exposed to well-planned environments that change frequently and challenge them constantly, under the supervision of teachers specialized in a specific age group, children blossom and learn at a much more rapid pace. Not only do they make progress on an academic level, but being part of a social group of peers with very clearly defined rules fosters their personal, social and emotional development, helping them long-term to be more successful in relations with people around them.

What is the right age to start nursery school? At Questfield, we believe it is 1.2 years old (or when the child has gained enough independence and confidence with walking and moving around). Children who start early become much more sociable and they make faster progress on a personal level (learning how to be independent, eat on their own, be potty trained, wear their own clothes, etc.). Breaking the bond can be difficult at times, but positive relationships (parent-child-school) are essential to ensuring children are ready to live happy, independent lives.

At Questfield, we have a “small steps” approach which helps children gradually adjust to the nursery school experience at their own pace and in their own time. At the beginning, you will receive advice and support on how to prepare the child for nursery school and how to follow our induction procedure.