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Questfield aims to contribute to the change of the Romanian educational paradigm. Questfield Nursery School is an active part of and strongly advocates for the initiatives of the Coalition for Education, an initiative begun a few years ago by a nucleus of non-governmental organizations with over 10 years of experience in the field and thousands of beneficiaries, be they students, educator or parents.

An initiative group constituted of non-governmental organizations launched the Coalition for Education, last Thursday, on June 4th,at Bucharest Impact Hub. At this event participated over 100 representatives of the civil society, educators, students and parents as well as promoters of public institutions and business sectors.

The Coalition for Education is a federation whose purpose is to coagulate energies and resources to fulfill a bold vision about learning in Romania: the school where every child can and will fulfill his/ her potential.

This nucleus of non-governmental organizations is formed by: the Association Communication for Community, Edusfera, ROI Association, the Romanian Association for Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric, Educativa, the New Horizons Foundation, Questfield Nursery School, the Institute for Development of the Evaluation in Education, OvidiuRo, Teach for Romania and the Alternative University.

Questfield Nursery School is now part of the Coalition for Education and aims to contribute together with its founding members, to the development of a culture of dialogue that can bring together at the same table all stakeholders from within and outside the educational system. We are convinced that if we pass the test of dialogue through which we exchange ideas and test the limits of our principles, we shall succeed in identifying and assuming solutions together!, said Fabiola Hosu, founder of the kindergarten and initiator of an innovative educational concept in Romania.

The Coalition for Education will assume the following roles:

  • Ensuring a space for dialogue that brings together people dedicated to contributing to the change in education;
  • The active endorsement of five major themes of education:
  • participation and equity in schools
  • the quality of human resources
  • the decentralization of the Romanian educational system
  • curriculum and evaluation
  • financing and good governance
  • The formulation of public policy proposals in education;
  • Active support to the development and implementation of the national strategy for education;
  • The facilitation of the exchange of good practices;
  • The signaling of the eventual slip-ups of the educational system as compared to international good practices.


In the following months, the focus of the Coalition will concentrate on the alignment of its members, their values and their way of working together. At the same time with the process of alignment, the founding members will continue to ensure a space for free and open dialogue that will bring together very powerful, yet very different voices that will coagulate resources for a systemic approach. The Coalition for Education is inviting more and more new organizations by its side starting with 2016.