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Travel around the world in 9 weeks!

Questfield Summer School 2017 takes place between June 25th and August 26th

Questfield Summer School is designed for children aged between 1.2 – 12 and hosts an international concept based on three elements: sport, art and smart play. These are captured in a schedule well organized by age groups. The theme of Questfield’s Summer School is designed around a unique international concept, which is based on learning through stories / books.









The children are engaged in a series of sport activities: swimming, tennis, dance and horseback riding, being constantly motivated to get involved in different projects related to the weekly book activities.

1 or 2 swimming lessons per day, with swimming instructor, depending on the chosen programme and age group;

Horseback riding lessons 2 times per week;

Creative dance;

Sport competitions;

Daily outdoor activities;

Optionally, individual tennis lessons.


The creative activities nurture the children’s curiosity and their need to experiment and implement projects, working and building together, taking themselves and their own growth as a landmark.

Theater workshops and dramatic role-play;

Creative arts & crafts activities;


Imaginative recycling workshops.




During the 8 week Summer School, sport harmoniously combines with creative elements, but also play, inviting the children to discover new things about other cultures, countries, continents and original characters from the books we read.

Construction workshops;

Team games and exploration;

Book Discoveries;

Science and Technology workshops;

Treasure Hunts.

Questfield Summer School with activities held in English

Questfield Summer School activities are held in English, being designed to meet the needs of both children and parents in order to have a relaxed schedule, during which their children learn and also enjoy the great outdoors.

Facilities and educational environment

  • A campus of 3200 sq m of built space and 4000 sq m of green space;
  • Lunch Area (menus designed in collaboration with a nutritionist and our pediatrician);
  • School and classroom libraries
  • 4 playgrounds
  • Sports facilities that include a tennis court of 600 sq m;
  • A heated swimming pool and a gymnasium;
  • Teaching materials, educational technologies and equipment that are renewed periodically.


Address: Titu Maiorescu Street no. 26, Voluntari – Pipera, Ilfov, 077190
Mobile: +4 0733 689 472
Phone: +4 021 267 41 34
Contact: Office Manager, Roxana Răileanu

Contact us for more details and offers on the Questfield Summer School programme.