School clubs - Questfield

School clubs

The curriculum in use at Questfield is based on a multi-sensory, holistic education approach, which appeals to the mind, senses and emotions.


Everyone agrees that character is important. Many would say that a strong character is even more essential than a high IQ. Not only are character skills – attentiveness, impulse control, persistence and teamwork – critical in relationships and job success, but they are essential for academic success. Intelligence does not guarantee that a child will be successful in school and in life. We support heuristic learning and welcome experiences that help children develop as a whole person.

Questfield pays great attention to building character, providing children with efficient self-investigative tools, which help them see the future confidently, understand others and relate to them. They gain knowledge on being responsible, on expressing their thoughts and feelings freely. When children get the opportunity to experiment with ideas in different situations, using a variety of resources, they discover connections and reach a new understanding of possible ways to act and interact. Therefore, personal development is a steady concern of our nursery and school, starting from the very youngest participants in the educational process and moving onwards to the pupils of Questfield School.


We expose children (even from nursery school level) to a variety of specialized teachers with diverse teaching styles.


Our extensive programme of clubs offers children the possibility to identify, strengthen and subsequently, refine their talent and passion, giving them the opportunity to work at different levels and stages in the areas where they excel.

Sports clubs: Ballet, Martial Arts, Dance around the World, Fusion Games, Ball Games, Balance and Coordination, Fun Aerobic, Music & Movement, Zumba kids, Tennis and Swimming (during warm seasons).

Art clubs: Arts & Crafts, Messy Creative, Painting Techniques, Origami, Puppet making, Hats in a Hurry, Learn with Music, Choir, Karaoke, Piano (individual).

Discovery clubs: Cooking, Drama, English Club, Jolly Learning, Book Club, Into the Wild, Science Fun, Travel around the World, Travel back in Time, Brain Gym.