Summer school 2022 - Questfield

Summer school 2022

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A perfect mix of fun & learning

Questfield invites all children with ages between 2 years and 12 years old to join our summer exploration and find wonderful opportunities to discover themselves and their passions in an English-speaking environment.

Our summer programme is designed around the mastery paradigm and rewards risktaking, encouraging children to try things out, make mistakes and learn from accidents or failed experiments. Our summer programme discourages students to place themselves in an endless competition with others. Questfield Summer School is mastery-oriented, being linked to high levels of motivation and engagement and promoting learning for learning’s sake whereas school programs known as “performance oriented” have been tied to greater anxiety and less resilience in the face of failure.

Concept & activities

The concept of Questfield Summer School is dynamic, organic, balanced, diverse, personalized and based on a mixture of 3 basic elements: Sports, Arts and Structured play. This international concept is based on the routines of leadership, mastery and collaboration, three key ingredients of life skills.

Children are engaged in a series of activities, being constantly motivated to get involved in different projects within the weekly book activities. In addition to that, students` schedule is customised with various fun and surprise parties every Friday with special guests and events, that nurture the children’s curiosity and their need to experiment (scientist`s lab, soap bubbles show, puppet show, karaoke etc).

Engaging clubs







Themed week days

Artsy Monday with focus on creativity and design;
Spotlight Tuesday with focus on self-expression, impro, self-expression and speaking skills;
Splashy Wednesday with focus on water games and sports, fitness, cooperation and fair play;
Wonder Thursday with focus on science and discovery;
Wacky Friday with focus on surprises and special events.

Extra payment club

Tennis (individual, small or big group)

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