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Ana Trăncan

Ana Trăncan
Primary School Romanian Teacher

In my early 16s I was offered the opportunity to volunteer for children – the most amazing and unique beings. That was the moment when I understood what my true calling was.
I have been following my own path and graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education – the Primary and Preschool Pedagogy Section, with a Master Degree in Educational Management. Between 2016-2017 I attended a training at `The Trauma Healing Institute`. `Trauma Healing` is a class that I organised in Bucharest and Dambovita during 2016-2017. For the past 8 years since I have been volunteering for non-profit Associations, doing several educative activities for children, such as: personal development and self-awareness, outdoor games, painting, meaningful stories etc.
I am passionate about educating young behaviours and modelling characters. The greatest challenge is to actually enlighten children’s minds and souls through the power of knowledge. I believe in quality education, in inspiring and preparing the basis of our future society.