Testimonials - Questfield


Amal GmatiAmal GMATI
Mother of Juri Bek Darna
Tripoli, Libya

We moved in to Bucharest in 2013 and, at the time, Juri was 2 and half years old, she was growing up and wasn’t enjoying being at home all day anymore and wanted companions. It was time to put her in nursery. We looked at a few nurseries around Bucharest and Questfield (formerly Little London) was a favorite choice for me and a friend who was also looking for a place for her child.

Questfield was a great choice for me and my child. I wanted a school that offered safety as well as academics. The teachers Ms. Noor and Ms. Andreea really welcomed Juri. She had a difficult first few weeks to adjust to a new environment. Both teachers were extremely patient and really attended to her needs.  They understood Juri and reacted accordingly.
Juri now lives in a different world because of her time at Questfield. She has changed so much in her behavior and learnt so much academically. She enjoys her time at school playing and learning with her classmates.

I am delighted I chose this school and I thank all the Questfield team for all their hard work and support. They put a smile on my child’s face every day and that’s priceless!


Rouba Rizk

Mother of three (Anthony 2010, Marc 2011 and Ralph 2012)
Principal Software Engineer at Oracle Corporation

Excellent nursery, adorable staff and a very warm atmosphere! All of my 3 consecutive boys have enrolled in the 2-3 age group.

Questfield (former Little London) has encouraged their confidence, independence and skills of sharing and taking turns. We have received outstanding support during potty training.

My children have always been so enthusiastic about frequenting nursery that one of them has even requested to attend it at the weekend.

We always attended the Summer School here since it always has a variety of interesting activities which we do not find elsewhere (like swimming and pony riding).

I have had a very pleasant experience with Questfield and I highly recommend it.

In my opinion, Questfield will always remain the best nursery I know (whether in Romania or in Lebanon). The reason is that I have never seen any such work environment with this huge number of absolutely amazing staff! Its staff is its biggest asset without any question. I feel lucky to have met Fabiola, Alina Caladiev and all the other amazing people – unable to count them all. They have touched our lives in an incredible way! I’m happy to think of the so many other lives that they will affect throughout their careers.

I will keep recommending this school to all the parents I know and the ones that I don’t know either via Internet forums or by liking their Facebook updates that I will follow with interest.