The beginning of the new school year, full of happiness!

Questfield School, 1st of September 2016

At Questfield, the first day of school is always full of emotions: with new beginnings, old memories, joyful laughs and sad farewells! This year, we have decided to mark the opening of the new school year in a creative, lively and colourful way.

Questfield School campus

The opening event took place on the 1st of September, on the Questfield campus, on the tennis court.

Inceput de an scolar, Questfield School/ beginning of the school year

The ceremony was hosted by enthusiastic parents, children and teachers of Questfield School community who welcomed the new school year with joyful laughs, new festive uniforms, flowers and colourful balloons, which took with them, to the clouds, wishes and sincere thoughts for a beginning full of success. Thus, children, parents and teachers raised up in the air their wishes for a school year full of accomplishments and joy.

Inceput de an scolar, Questfield School/ beginning of the school year

Before entering the classrooms, teachers and parents welcomed the Year 2 and Grade 1 students into a new academic cycle through a symbolic flower arch. Afterwards, students, along with their teachers started the activities, experienced the new classes and met new friends. Meanwhile, the parents took a tour of the new school and received the necessary details for the following period.


”A school is a form of trust in the future, a promise of each child’s life and learning journey, an identity tale of each and every one of them that they are about to write with the instruments their teachers are going to offer them. The thing that I admire the most about teachers is the fact that they are that kind of people that plant trees in the shadow of which they know they are never going to rest! They are architects of the future, the kind of dreamers that build epic projects, true stories. That is why I love working in a school: a school is a project teeming with life, the life that hums inside it, it is a project about the intensity with which the teachers believe in it, about the air of vitality with which the children breathe in it.”, Fabiola Hosu, executive director and initiator of the Little London project that now bears the name of Questfield.

Inceput de an scolar, Questfield School/ beginning of the school year

Therefore, welcome to the new school year, Year 2 and Grade 1 students, crèche and nursery children! We invite you all to find out more about our activities and events throughout this school year on our Facebook page.

We wish you all a fabulous learning journey! Welcome to the new school year!

Photo: Stefan Radu Photography