The school day - Questfield

The school day

Questfield aspires to be more than a strictly academic school. We wish to give students the opportunity not only to train their intellect, but also to discover their talent and passion, invite creativity into their lives, feel free to try different things out, and, in the process, discover progressively who they are and what they would like to do with themselves and their life. Therefore, at Questfield, one will meet a type of fluid learning that attempts to escape the rigidity of timetables and set planning sheets. We believe in the power of creativity and stimulate it through all curricular and extra-curricular activities.


SHORT PROGRAM 8:15-16:00

  • Basic curricular activities (Romanian and international curriculum) with specialised teachers.


LONG PROGRAM 8:15-17:00

  • Basic curricular activities (Romanian and international curriculum) with specialised teachers;
  • Afternoon snack
  • one daily standard or specialized clubs (sport, art, discovery) between 16:00-17:00



Unique curricular concept – based on books and designed to stimulate both the nuanced development of language and literacy as well as the framework of thinking skills.

Child-centred learning – consisting of the reconfiguration of learning objectives, function of the rhtythm, learning style and type of perception/attention of every child. The student is thus placed at the centre of the learning experience, actively participating to his/her own learning process.

Competence-based curriculum – by competence understanding the cumulus of concepts, attitudes and skills to be found in the daily learning experiences. Thus, the standard evaluation through qualifications is completed by instruments of alternative evaluation of attitudes and skills, characteristic of international education systems.

Inter, trans şi pluridisciplinarity – at the level of various disciples, common lines of inquiry and research are followed by students that have the time and space to explore and investigate them more deeply.

Experiential learning – At Questfield, the care, affection and confidence of adults guide students into assuming risks and experiment, transforming them into autonomous individuals responsible of their own learning.

Learning experiences: autonomous, guided by the teacher, modelled by the teacher – Throughout the day, there is perfect balance between autonomous learning experiences, guided or modelled learning involving people, objects, ideas, experiences and situations that motivate students for extended periods of time.

Formal, non-formal, informal –  The mixture of formal, non-formal (clubs) and informal (visits, outings, events) activities are integrated into a coherent program that offers a complete learning experience.

Individual, group, whole class – Throughout the day, students discover the pleasure of various activities in a mixture of individual, small or big group and whole class contexts.

Multicriterial assessment – Formal evaluation is characteristic to an ordinary school day in which the teacher observes the academic and emotional progress of every child. It aims at identifying the developmental stage of a cumulus of concepts, attitudes and skills for each of the children.

At the same time, the stimulating, interactive spaces offer the type of structure in which the timetables, routines and transitions flow in accordance to children’s needs. Thus, any space can transform itself into an area of experience: the classroom, the courtyard, the gym, the medical office.