Values - Questfield




We have the courage to think beyond limits. For us, the sky is the limit when it comes to imagining projects together. We search, identify and support opportunities of continuous learning. We build projects around motivated people, to whom we offer the right context and the necessary support to develop their projects. We learn together out of any type of experience, any time and in any context. We constantly reflect on the good functioning of things around us, we adapt and continuously improve our performance. We value change and consider it a good opportunity for growth. We are open to collaboration and sharing of good practices. We consider mistakes as part of the learning process and we are not afraid to err since this is the way we develop beyond our limits. We challenge ourselves continuously, asking powerful questions.


What we do every day says something about who we are. Our expertise sets a very high standard. We are permanently connected to the last innovations in education and we know that research is an essential step of any pedagogical endeavour. We are aware of the fact that every child needs an adult/role-model in his/her life that discovers, guides and inspires him/her. We continually pay attention to the good functioning of things around us, knowing that attention to details increases our agility. We are creative in identifying solutions and fair play when relating to others. We know that we have an individual responsibility towards our actions and a collective responsibility towards the organic growth of the organisation. We do everything with passion and dedication because, at the end of the day, we are happy when our students are happy.


We care of ourselves, of others, of resources and of the entire learning context. We know that flexibility for each and all leads to trust and this is the space in which leaders appear and develop. We are flexible in integrating new perspectives and comfortable in expressing them. We respect, understand and inspire one another every day. We take over responsibility when one of us is in difficulty. We trust to act with good intentions and identify win-win solutions. We consider ourselves not to be the keepers of absolute truth or of unique solutions.


We accept and respect differences and make sure that every opinion is valued. We talk with intent, listen with attention and contribute to the well-being of the group. We are a positive team, full of energy, with a dynamic steady rhythm. We believe that our value together is greater than the value of each and every one of us. We see the good in everything and we take of our experiences together what is valuable for us to grow. We believe in collective leadership, namely in the power of: “We all stick together and finish the job”. We are glad that we are, work and learn together. If we can laugh together, then we can work together.