What would I be when I grow up? - Questfield


A truly special event, Career Weeks was designed with the expressed purpose of reminding both children and parents of an essential question: What would I be when I grow up?

Bursting with energy, curiosity and enthusiasm, our preschoolers stepped courageously in the building of a multi-national corporation, in an haute couture atelier, on the immense stairs of the House of Parliament, in the gym, on the tennis court, in the cinema room or in the recording studio. Neither the children nor us could identify what we liked most, but we certainly know now how much hard work people put into designing clothes and how much care and attention they need even when in the playground, what talking on the microphone, in front of a large audience, means, or what is the magic formula through which 3D films are projected, how much physical effort it takes to be either a professional tennis player or marathon runner, finally, how much concentration it takes to do yoga and how talent for playing the piano, the drums or the guitar can be maintained and increased. Thus, the Little Londoners could try their hand at different jobs, discovering some of them with interest and pleasure.

The experience was an extra-ordinary one for both the children and the parents involved, parents eager to show to their children the secrets and beauty of their daily work and to share with emotion and dedication the insights of their daily responsibilities. The enthusiasm of the parents was visible during the presentations, as well as in the follow-up feedback manifesting their wish to repeat this type of experiences that bring the children closer to reality and the world of work: “It was a real pleasure to participate in this event and to encourage each and every one of the little ones in the relay race contest I suggested. I assumed from their reaction that a new encounter would constitute a great learning experience. Thus, from my point of view, I say a big Yes, lovingly, I do want to repeat this initiative”, declares Mr. Larga, the renowned marathon runner, one of the parents involved in this community project.

We therefore take this opportunity to thank the parents that contributed directly to this important event in the life of our community, having tried too, for a day, a new job that of teacher, facilitator and guide, accompanied by the patience and energy needed to be our inspiration. Therefore, a great big Thank You goes to Mrs. Andreea Popescu, Mr. George Baciu, Mr. Krishnamurthy Arun Kumar, Mrs. Denitsa Raykova, Mr. Rani Keinan, Mr. Stelian Larga, Mrs. Ana Durban, Mrs. Mioara Stoian and Mr. and Mrs. Monceanu!

We strongly believe that the moments captured in the Facebook photos are more telling than a thousand words, since they represent the unique feelings experienced by the children and their young souls which, when growing older will only want one thing: to keep their innocence and fresh perspective of the childhood experiences.

So, what would you be when you grow up?