Why choose us - Questfield

Why choose us

What do you need to know about Questfield? (Questfield in a nutshell)

This institution is accredited by the Ministry of Education and operates since 2003.
Admission age: We accept children as young as 14 months (conditions upon admission: independent walking and the specifics of each school year)
Optimum teacher-child ratio varying function of the child’s age.
The English language is studied with a maximum of classes possible in the curricular programme.

Reality and future-ready learners

Just one or two generations ago a job for life was normal. Now, work and life are very fluid. Increasingly, lives revolve around a portfolio of jobs, a portfolio of places and a portfolio of contexts.

Transformational teachers

Our teachers are teachers that transform, that change people, altering fundamentally the way learners understand themselves and others, the way they engage in and contribute to their larger world.

International education

The idea of “nationality” is changing, thus making international understanding has become vital. The ability to work with and relate to different cultures is crucial both to the new world of work, to our personal lives and to our continuing hopes for a peaceful and sustainable world.

Unique educational concept

Questfield educational concept is based on books inasmuch as we believe that stories help us remember and make sense of our lives and the lives around us.

Extensive extra-curricular program

Our extensive programme of clubs offers children the possibility to identify, strengthen and subsequently, refine their talent and passion.

Specialised teachers: We expose children (even from nursery school level) to a variety of specialized teachers with diverse teaching styles.

Personal and professional development

Lifelong learning is the continuous building of skills and knowledge throughout the life of an individual. In our lifelong learning model, people learn by doing – individually, in groups, and from each other. They put learning into practice and reflect upon the learning.

Generous, flexible and modular spaces where students can initiate themselves the activities, can experiment and put into practice the new concepts creatively;

The classrooms are structured in such a way so as to allow reflection, creativity, constant interaction and communication, bringing elements of the real world in the activities and the classroom.

Excellent age apropriate resources, offered in a structured framework and indidivualised materials dedicated to certain undergoing projects. Periodical renewal of resources etc.

Varied acces to information (library, computers, specialised sites and magazines, etc.).

Communication with parents is done through various channels:

  • Direct communication with the teacher on the phone or by email after the end of the curricular activities (after 2 pm).
  • Weekly note to parents introducing the weekly book and activities.
  • Detailed bi-annual assessments (February, June) on all areas of development.
  • Newsletters announcing the latest news and events in school.
  • Parent questionnaires.
  • Facebook account
  • Media Server/virtual board where you will find all the Note to parents and pictures of various activities; username and password to be transmitted via class teachers.
  • Regular communication by email or sms informing you of the various current activities.

Multicultural community with shared values

Not everything changes, of course. The core values that make people respected, trusted and liked still apply. Values such as honesty, respect, co-operation and caring still matter hugely. People need values. Anywhere in the world.

Learning organization

Questfield is a learning organization that transforms itself organically from year to year. It is an organization that facilitates the learning of all its members and continuously changes itself towards shared values or principles.