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Exploring the world – the story of Uca Marinescu

Maria Uca-Marinescu is now the first Romanian female explorer of all times. She became famous as the first woman of any nation to walk Africa from top to bottom alone and without help and the first Romanian to walk to both North and South Poles. She was here, at Questfield, to inspire the children towards being courageous and making good choices in the face of fear or obstacles.

I started exploring at the age of four and a half in the Hasmasul Mare area, with my parents, among black goats, wolves and bears, where I discovered the mountains and nature. For me, this is the essence. Nature is what people are looking for and nature puts their mark on people. 

Nature and the love of mountains, skiing and forests made her explore about 100 counties and the Poles. She mentioned physical health as her best asset, but also the importance of mental well-being and courage.

During the meeting, it felt like being there with her, walking to the Poles, seeing the penguins, talking to the locals from Papua or climbing the Himalayan mountains. Her impulse, colourful images and vivid descriptions made us travel through time and space and be veritable explorers.

The explorers at Questfield

Uca’s message for the future adults is to have the courage to try, to explore. Because is up to each of us to put our bodies and minds into motion and achieve everything we want.

  We are the ones writing our future – every day at Questfield School!