Goodbye without tears for children or parents when enrolling in nursery - Questfield


The start of nursery or school is a milestone that’s often anticipated with great excitement and joy, but also with lots of crying, tears uncertainty, and heel digging – from both kids and parents!

For children, the most important factor, generating anxiety is the fact that they take their first steps towards change, and have absolutely no idea what to expect.They come from a routine they know, the safe place called home, where they already master the rules and are familiar with the people surrounding them and now with nursery or school they are faced to change to a new place, completely unfamiliar with the new rules and routines.
Here are some tips for you and your child meant to ease the separation anxiety and to successfully start this new adventure – together and apart. This way you will be able to avoid the goodbye tears.


Be Consistent

Some parents may see their child have a bad first reaction to preschool and immediately decide to pull him/ her out of the classroom. But that’s a bad idea  – It denies the child an opportunity to learn how to work through negative feelings and sets a precedent of not having to face problems.

Instead, consistency is key when it comes to making preschool a part of your child’s new routine. Simply going together on a regular basis will provide your little one with a strong sense of anticipation.

Prepare a Comfort Object

Have your child bring a little reminder of home to the preschool to ease his separation anxiety and reassure him. If he doesn’t have a favorite doll or blankie, even a beloved book or a sippy cup filled with his favorite drink can do the trick.

Don’t Sneak Away from nursery

It might be tempting to bolt from the room, but your little one will feel more afraid if you suddenly disappear.  Once you’ve said your goodbyes, it’s best to skedaddle so that your child doesn’t become preoccupied with your presence.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk about

Always remember that starting nursery is a positive step for both you and your little pupil. Kids can pick up on your mood, so if you’re nervous and anxious when you drop your child off, he will likely take on your attitude. Remain calm and be upbeat, even if you don’t feel 100 percent cheerful. But if your little one does pick up on your worries, just continue to provide him with reassurance.