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Happy Times and Family Pictures

“The most beautiful memories of my childhood are related to Christmas. It was the time when mom and dad were always happy, holding each other.“

Maxi loves Christmas. He says that it is that moment of the year when he sees his mom and dad smiling the most. Diana and Lili, part of the Questfield team, are sharing with excitement the most beautiful memories of their childhood! All of them are related to Christmas.

Photo: Violet Group, December 2015

Which is the most beautiful story of your childhood? Which would you like to be the best memory of your child? Which are the most beautiful family photos?

With digital cameras and computers, our pictures are at risk not to be incorporated anymore into our daily life. Photos are powerful images which remind us of the happy times and moments spent with our families. They inspire us, keep us motivated and give us the strength to cope with stressful situations. After we have been up three nights in a row with a sick, cranky child, a picture of him or her in a Halloween costume laughing helps us put everything in perspective. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Our suggestion for the winter holiday is a meaningful activity for all the family members.

It’s a Family Gallery with pictures, snapshots, formal portraits, handmade cards and drawings. These pictures serve as a daily reminder of what is truly important in our lives, our family and the love that helps us get through the good times as well as the difficult times. We should do all we can to remember and celebrate the happy times of our life.

Create your personal family photo gallery in your home. Do not hide your family memories in your computer, in an album or in boxes. Get those pictures out so that everyone can enjoy them. Remembering all the happy times and family pictures will make each Christmas a moment of joy and fulfillment.